Olas Sol Socks  
3359 Beech Avenue  
Baltimore, MD 21211  


It all started about six years ago when I tried to find socks to wear with my flip-flops. I couldn't find them anywhere! I thought that somewhere on this earth I could find socks specifically made for my flip-flops. But alas, no one could help me! Not one company I could find made the socks. So I took it upon myself to make them. I wanted to wear my flip-flops no matter what the weather, and no matter where I was, even if I was in Montauk, NY in February. After all, what does wearing flip-flops remind you of?

Truth be told, I have been holding these special socks back. I had a pair created for me by a fleecewear designer about five years ago and I was happy just wearing them around town and to the beach. 

But I haven't been holding these Sol Socks back on purpose. Life circumstances (and the fact that I satisfied my need to personally own a pair) just kind of prevented me from establishing a company and a product that I could be proud of. Well, as you can see from the content of these web pages, I have taken control of life's circumstances and I have thrown caution to the wind (and possibly a lot of money that I could have put towards my son's college education). I am extremely proud to offer Olas Sol Socks to you!

You see, I had to start this company. If I didn't I would regret it for the rest of my life. Perhaps you think I am crazy for devoting so much time and effort to Sol Socks. Maybe you think the socks are a little odd. Well, I bet people thought the first person to nail four wheels to a two by four was weird, and what about the person who thought banana seats on bicycles was a good idea? (Just for the record, I think they are cool.)

At any rate, here are Olas Sol Socks. Fanfare. Fanfare. Hooray. They are super comfortable and I personally guarantee your satisfaction (with the socks, not the state of your life). Olas Sol Socks keep your feet warm when the temps drop. Wear 'em on the plane for that trip to Fiji. Now you can wear your favorite flip-flops whenever you want. I wear mine as often as possible.

Be what you believe and wear what you want to wear. Be an original sol.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and check out my idea.


Sean Berg